Inside the Daily Planet, 11/30/07


Food and restaurants Meritage: All the world’s a stage by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread Theater, fantasy and restaurant criticism Shuang Cheng still among the best by Phyllis Louise Harris, Asian Pages The collapse of the I-35 Bridge affected more than just the commuters in and out of Minneapolis. Businesses in Dinkytown on the University of Minnesota campus found many of their customers from the south metro area stopped making the trip across the river. Now that the 10th Street Bridge has reopened, business is once again picking up as was evident on a recent Saturday when I stopped by Shuang Cheng, one of the area’s favorite Chinese restaurants. (It is usually among the top five Chinese restaurants in diner polls.) As usual, owner Daniel Lam was on hand overseeing the busy dining room filled with students and alumni attending the University homecoming festivities. Red Stag goes green: New Minneapolis restaurant achieves top enviro status by Dan Haugen, Minnesota Monitor NEW IN VOICES My Minnesota: what’s really behind the Pawlenty ‘No Tax’ pledge? by Myles Spicer, Minnesota 2020 On the surface, Governor Pawlenty’s pledge to not add or raise taxes looks quite simple: protect citizens from onerous taxation, and run government with minimal resources. Indeed, that has been the claim of all those before him, who made a similar pledge. But sometimes, appearances are not what they seem to be. Underlying this pledge is a far more sinister agenda – the slow but relentless erosion of government itself; and a visceral dislike of virtually any government services. If that seems outlandish, let me present some facts. NEW IN BLOGS Duy Ngo by Stephen B. Young, The Fifth Column