Inside the Daily Planet, 11/24/07


Africans unite to celebrate with Ugandan community in their independence anniversary celebration By Bashe Said, African News Journal Africans united to celebrate Ugandan independence, with participants including Tanzanians, Somalis, Kenyans, Zambians, Togos and more. The State of Healthcare for Minnesota’s Latinos–part 1 by Staff, La Prensa de Minnesota Minnesota’s Latino population faces health risks made worse by lack of medical coverage for undocumented immigrants. Low air quality rating leads to health advisory by Anna Ewart, Tom Moran, Minnesota Daily Monday’s rating was the fifth time this year that fine-particle air pollution in the Twin Cities reached dangerous levels. Facebook’s new advertisement system receives criticism by Andy Mannix, Minnesota Daily In the past few years, trends for online advertisements have been taking more innovative approaches to reaching their target audiences, and last week Facebook took what some have called the next step. NEW IN VOICES Facebook’s Beacon sparks privacy complaints from users by Joe Bodell, Minnesota Monitor When you use Facebook, the popular social networking service, do you know where your personal data might end up?