Inside the Daily Planet, 11/2/07


NEW IN VOICESThe ugly truth by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020 Fellow The contrast is stark: Progressives want to help children get the education they deserve while conservatives would throw students overboard to save a few pennies on their taxes. Food and restaurants Wolfgang Puck: Eat Locally, Dine at 20.21? by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake It’s really good to see that Wolfgang Puck has jumped on the sustainable, humanely-raised, locally-grown bandwagon, but when he came to town last week to promote his new food policies, I couldn’t resist asking him one tough question. Snap, crackle and popcorn by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge Entrepreneurs bring unique concept to Dinkytown Tapped in by Tammy Sproule Kaplan, Downtown Journal Beer is the new wine, and you didn’t hear it here first. It’s making headlines across the nation. NEW IN BLOGS How care manifests the world by Paul Schmelzer, Eyeteeth