Inside the Daily Planet, 11/19/07


A war on trash by Brian Voerding, Downtown Journal Stevens Square couple leading neighborhood antilitter campaign Alcoholism in the Somali Community by Zahra Farah, KFAI 2007 Youth News Intern Zahra Farah is already a veteran journalist. She interned at the Somali magazine, Haboon, where she had the opportunity to interview and write. She is a senior at Roosevelt High School this fall in Minneapolis. Zahra has lived across the Midwest. She was born in Somalia, and lived in Nairobi, Kenya before emigrating to the United States. Zahra’s story is about alcoholism in the Somali community. Barack Obama’s state HQ opens for business by Raymond Jackson, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder On Saturday, November 10, Obama 08 Minnesota kicked off its campaign with a meet-and-greet barbeque at its St. Paul headquarters. With organizers now assigned to congressional districts throughout Minnesota and the campaign kickoff coinciding with Michelle Obama’s visit to the Twin Cities, staff and volunteers were very optimistic about Barack Obama’s run for the presidency. NEW IN BLOGS Class of 1968 by Rosemary Ruffenach, Rosemary Writes NEW IN VOICES Oversimplifying Islam by Taqee Khaled, Minnesota Daily There is nothing wrong with criticizing anything, even Islam. What is wrong is doing so without understanding.