Inside the Daily Planet, 11/17/07


Tracing human origins through art by Mary O’Regan, Downtown Journal Downtown artist Lynn Fellman likes science. During a recent meeting at her 801 Washington Avenue studio on a blustery fall day, she explained some of the basics behind deep-DNA ancestry. With my notebook in hand, I listened intently and tried to keep up — biology never was my strong suit. Sale of city parking ramps could lead to more housing and retail by Anna Ewart, Minnesota Daily In a city like Minneapolis, parking can make or break a neighborhood’s success. A privately owned company is planning to develop new housing and retail additions near Minneapolis parking ramps after the City Council approved the sale of eight parking ramps for a total of $88 million. U of M taps ethnic media to boost minority enrollment, hiring by Edwin Okong’o , Mshale A top University of Minnesota official in charge of reaching out to underrepresented communities said today that the institution was far from achieving its goal of a diverse student body, faculty and staff, and appealed to ethnic media to help. NEW IN VOICES Worms in her basement? by Michele St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press Michele St. Martin’s ongoing environmental evolution NEW IN BLOGS I am from … by Patricia Guerrero, New Minnesotans Speak