Inside the Daily Planet, 11/16/07


Food and restaurants Buster’s by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread/The RAke What would happen if somebody smart decided to reinvent the neighborhood tavern? If they were really smart, they might come up with something like Buster’s on 28th Ave, at 4204 28th Ave. S., in south Minneapolis. Outside of northeast Minneapolis and Saint Paul’s West Side, the old neighborhood bars have largely disappeared, replaced by coffee houses and wine bars. And those few that remain tend to look like the forlorn relics of a bygone era, serving up frozen pizza and watery beer to a clientele that has, like the taverns themselves, seen happier days. Holy Land deli and grocer by Nick and Natasha Laul, MSP Food Critics blog Holy Land is located in a stretch of Central Ave where you can find a great selection of India, Pakistani, Middle Eastern and Latin restaurants. Irish Poodle gets the blues by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge McMahon’s Irish Pub remakes longtime East Lake watering hole NEW IN VOICES Is Rachel Paulose being hounded from office by people who are soft on prostitution? by Eric Black, Minnesota Monitor A University of Rhode Island professor ‘suspects’ that there is a campaign under way by unnamed Justice Department officials to hound U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose from office to punish her for her ‘aggressive commitment’ to prosecute human trafficking cases. NEW IN BLOGS Social realism and art in Minneapolis by Eleanor Arnason, Facts & Fictions