Inside the Daily Planet, 11/11/07


Pipedreams festival winds up Sunday by Jennifer Holder, Special to the TC Daily Planet The pipe organ is not simply an instrument that is played in churches. It also provides astonishingly beautiful music, as it has done for centuries. More than five hundred people who attended the first concert of the Piping Hot Festival on November 4 in West St. Paul will attest to that. Readers, Writers and Books An organizer at heart by Anne Hamre, Minnesota Women’s Press Arvonne Fraser: A founding feminist writes her memoirs. She isn’t finished advocating for women’s equality. Powderhorn Writers mark a decade of prose, poetry by Staff, Southside Pride At 7 o’clock on Friday evening, Nov. 16, the Powderhorn Writers Festival (PWF) will be celebrating 10 years of grassroots, literary endeavors, culminating in a tribute to the founding visionary, Roy McBride, who, in 1997, brought together area writers and artists in a festival that has continued to this day, hosting myriad events, from writing workshops to poetry/puppetry cabarets. Good grief: Author shares insight into ‘Peanuts’ creator by Betsy Graca, Minnesota Daily Minnesotans are always proud of their native cultural icons: Bob Dylan, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Garrison Keillor and of course, Charles Schulz. NEW IN BLOGS Reflections on science fiction, writing and the publishing business by Eleanor Arnason, Facts & Fictions Citizen journalism in action by Mary Turck, Special to the TC Daily Planet NEW IN VOICES There’s more to earmarks than a bridge to nowhere By Conrad deFiebre and Tommy Kim , Minnesota 2020 The bridge to nowhere. The Woodstock Festival museum. An indoor rain forest in Iowa. Congressional funding earmarks for questionable projects have become a prime target of anti-government ideologues and familiar fodder for post-I-35W bridge collapse arguments against needed public transportation investment.