Inside the Daily Planet,10/7/07


Readers, Writers and Books Death Roll: Review by Mary Schoen, Special to the TC Daily Planet With the title of Death Roll and a picture graphic of an open crocodile jaw on its cover, it would not be giving too much away to say that a giant reptile kills someone in this book. Minnesota authors, Marilyn Victor and Michael Allan Mallory, guide the reader into a unique setting for a murder mystery—a zoo—and introduce us to a new kind of sleuth—a zookeeper. Women and war by Erin Wisness, Minnesota Women’s Press Local book group to explore literature on war written by women Knitting a community together with hats by Dave Healy, Park Bugle After 21 books, Warren Hanson finally said yes. NEW IN BLOGS The Sputnik Shock by Joe Nathan, School Talk NEW IN VOICES How creativity Is killing the culture by Michael Fallon, MN Artists Michael Fallon presents the interesting idea that creativity–or at least the mandate for it– can create boredom, discontent, depression, and a lot of cruddy work.