Inside the Daily Planet, 10/4/07


VIEWS AND REVIEWS Alicia Wiley speaks about singing by Dwight Hobbes, Special to the TC Daily Planet It’s great when opening acts, instead of merely warming the stage, serve notice they are headliners in the making. Alicia Wiley, opening at The Cabooze several years ago for Willie Walker and The Butanes, did just that. The Home Place: Review By Jennifer Holder, Special to the TC Daily Planet This play both requires and rewards careful, thoughtful viewing. A hands-down hit: Jevetta Steele’s Two Queens, One Castle by Dwight Hobbes, Insight News Mixed Blood Theatre’s world premiere of Jevetta Steele’s Two Queens, One Castle, a hands-down hit here and elsewhere, set box office records at Horizon Theatre (Atlanta) and Metro Stage (Washington, D.C.), broke strong social ground and marked a theatrical milestone. In America, anyway. Daniel Cheng Yang Photographic Exhibition by Tom LaVenture, Asian American Press By the time Daniel Cheng Yang was 20 years old he had been to Africa five times, published a book of his photographs with the forward written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and traveled the world with his exhibitions. Romanticizing the wild and our place in it by Stephanie Dickrell, Minnesota Daily The story of Chris McCandless does not have a happy ending. His body was found in the Alaskan wilderness, decomposing. He died of starvation, probably brought on by eating the wrong kind of seeds, effectively poisoning himself. When he was found, he weighed just 67 pounds. NEW IN BLOGS Iran by Eleanor Arnason, Facts and Fictions NEW IN VOICES No Child Left Behind fails minority students by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020 No Child Left Behind? Apparently no one told Minnesota’s African-American students. As has happened many times before, test results show an unacceptable achievement gap between whites and African-Americans in Minnesota schools.