Inside the Daily Planet, 10/17/07


St Paul City Council Debate: Ward 6 SPNN Saint Paul City Council candidates Dan Bostrom and Pakou Hang talk with SPNN’s Mike Wassenaar about issues affecting Saint Paul and the Sixth Ward on the city’s East side. Black kids excel at St. Paul’s Washington Middle School by Jennifer Holder, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder ‘Disciplinary literacy’ method gets students more engaged Ballpark deal finally done by Michelle Bruch, Downtown Journal The cost of ballpark land, a number under negotiation for the past year, has been settled through a private mediation process. The land cost is $28,250,000 — plus the interest accrued during condemnation proceedings, which takes the price up to $28.9 million. NEW IN VOICES Lessons from Jena by Michelle Gross, Communities United Against Police Brutality The case of the Jena 6 was discussed with great interest on the internet for months with petitions and calls for justice. However, it took 100,000 people marching on the tiny town of Jena, Louisiana to finally help this story take hold in the mainstream media. Now, millions have been exposed to the ugly racial hatred of a “white” tree and nooses as well as the equally ugly systematic racial discrimination of unequal justice. Our prisons: Jailing and failing Minnesota Daily The U.S. prison system is in dire need of reform. NEW IN BLOGS Weather in Minnesota by Eleanor Arnason, Facts and Fictions