Inside the Daily Planet, 10/14/07


Educators discuss troublesome aspects of NCLB by Colette Davidson, Special to the TC Daily Planet Sharon Radd claims that public education in the U.S. has manipulated marginalized populations and has become privatized, imperialized and consumer-driven. ‘Listen for all the market language in the NCLB [No Child Left Behind] legislation,’ says Radd, ‘You hear words such as ‘competition,’ ‘efficiency’ and ‘personal responsibility.’ I think that’s what makes NCLB really problematic.’ Readers, Writers and Books North End Resident writes English-Oromo-Amharic dictionary by Mary Thoemke, North End News Askale Yigletu is one of the many immigrants who have settled in the North End neighborhood of Saint Paul in recent years. She arrived in America with her two daughters on September 7, 2001, four days before the terrorist attack on the United States. She says, ‘I was lucky that I came before September 11.’ Some of her friends and relatives were scheduled to come to the United States shortly after she did, but their trips were canceled after September 11, and they had to remain in their homeland of Ethiopia. NEW IN BLOGS Romance and SF by Eleanor Arnason, Facts and Fictions NEW IN VOICES Volunteering Matters by Lisa Steinmann, Park Bugle Fighting cancer with exercise.