Inside the Daily Planet, 10/02/08


Theater note: A tedious Life in the Theatre
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
The Jungle Theater is the Twin Cities’ lone professional, Off-Broadway-caliber venue devoted to white theater. The company produces white playwrights, works with white directors, and, with rare exceptions, employs white actors. Which is fair, since places like Mixed Blood Theatre, Penumbra Theatre Company, and Pillsbury House Theater make it their mission to hire professionals of color. After all, white is a color too, and Caucasian folks are entitled to have an intimate, quality house in which to see their culture and sensibilities reflected.

VOICES | First Ave’s lesson well-learned
by Almostred, Rift Magazine
There used to be a homeless shelter across the street, before the bus depot moved a third time. On cold nights it would fill up fast, leaving a hobo convention milling around outside the club. They would hit people up for change, run ticket rip-offs on teenagers and just generally act annoying. A favorite game of the skinheads was to verbally goad a bum to the front doors of the club, where they would be pulled indoors under some pretense of illegal activity. Once inside, they were cuffed with cable ties, then dragged to the employee bathroom and beaten.

Xerox, Scotch tape, rubber glue, and Letraset
by Andy Sturdevant,
Flyers for art shows are traditionally afterthoughts; the artist’s name, the date of the show and the gallery, and an image from the show to pique the interest of the viewer. The purpose of such pieces are surprisingly practical and straightforward: it’s simply a way of saying “here is what this artist’s art looks like, so come see the show at this date and time if you like this image.” Now, doesn’t it seem unbelievable that fine art, a field that rewards visual innovation, beauty and craftsmanship, should not have developed an incredible subculture of imaginative artists and designers whose primary interest is creating visual materials promoting exciting alternative arts spaces and risk-taking galleries?


ARTS ORBIT | A million teddy bears find a million buttons • by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • 10/1/08 • As part of a national effort organized by the Boston-based early education organization Jumpstart, the Guthrie Theater has invited local children and their minders to stop by tomorrow morning to be regaled with one of many readings of Don Freeman’s Corduroy. Jumpstart, it seems, is attempting to set a record for the world’s largest “shared reading experience.”

GOING GREEN | Midwest energy news: Minnesota to cut mercury emissions • by RE-AMP RoundUp • 9/29/08 • The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has announced the state’s largest polluters have agreed to cut their mercury emissions, according to Minnesota Public Radio. Since only ten percent of the states’ mercury comes from local sources, officials say they will pursue international efforts. This and other environmental news from the upper Midwest on the Re-AMP RoundUp newsroom.

FROM THE SOAPBOX | Obama and the Art of Argument • by David Doody, 9/30/08 • In conceding that John McCain was correct on some issues in the first presidential debate, Barack Obama showed he takes those issues seriously enough to see them from all sides.

ARTS ORBIT | Rift 36 Hour Songwriting Contest #6• by Greg Swan, Perfect Porridge • 9/29/08 • The songwriters will get a topic, they will have 36 hours to write a song, they get to perform it in front of a live audience who will ultimately decide who gets a large and flamboyant trophy.