Inside the Daily Planet, 1/4/08


Food and Restaurants Highlights of a year of eating by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake I don’t do ten best lists, but looking back over the last year, I can recall some memorable dining experiences. For now, at least, I am going to limit myself to the new places – the list will just get too long if I try to work in more than just a mention of old favorites like the Grand Café Vincent, and Atlas Grill. Jay’s Café, St. Anthony Park’s secret gem of fabulous food Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper, The Mix We chanced upon a gem of a café about a year ago, near Raymond and University, in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood. It’s the sort of place you want to keep secret since it’s fabulous, but the space is tiny and often full. But we’re good guys, and we’ll share what we know about the delightful Jay’s Café.

The best place to hide a wine bar by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread/The Rake If you really wanted to hide a sophisticated little wine bar where nobody would find it, where would you put it? Eden Prairie? Hilltop?

NEW IN VOICES My Minnesota: shall we get rid of public education? by Doug Conboy, Minnesota 2020 The Center for the American Experiment, the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, the Heritage Foundation, and the Freedom Institute are all among those currently voicing their belief that education in this country will only work if it is private.

NEW IN BLOGS Today we introduce a new blogger, Virginia Wright-Peterson, a Minnesotan who is working for the Red Cross in Iraq. Her blog posts will appear occasionally in the TC Daily Planet ‘World Views’ blog, and can be found on-line at On Deployment Now. Post-holiday reflections from Iraq by Virginia Wright-Peterson, On Deployment Now I admit that I am relieved the holidays are over, not for the usual reasons of being exhausted from shopping and celebrating, but rather relieved I survived missing my family, my friends, and our usual traditions. The sergeants, specialists, and captains I pass messages to during the night shift seem relieved, too. The yearning for life at home has returned to a pre-holiday level. We are intact, ready to continue business as usual. But Christmas wasn’t the only holiday that passed last week.

Iowa … It don’t mean a thing by James Clay Fuller, Rants & Ruminations I trust your hearts are palpitating and your breath is short. You no doubt are having trouble concentrating on the mundane stuff of life.

On Thursday Iowa holds its party caucuses. Pant, pant. Be still, my heart.