Inside the Daily Planet, 1/2/08


Honoring Women Worldwide by Norma Smith Olson, Minnesota Women’s Press Nancy Stephan founded ‘Honoring Women Worldwide’ – an organization whose name is its mission

Perseverance pays off — Webber Library reopens by Sue Quist, Camden News As I write, we are approaching the nadir day of our years light. Sometimes darkness feels heavy, but it carries with it the latent excitement that comes with the knowledge of longer days to come; an excitement that mirrors the anticipation of the reopening of Webber Park Library. Things hoped for often come. Let’s take a look back.

NEW IN VOICES Actions needed as well as words for a new North by Kerry Ashmore, North News ‘Creating value through diversity’ is the new motto for North Minneapolis devised through the Northside Marketing Task Force. It sure beats ‘a rough and tumble Minneapolis neighborhood’ as the most recent callous media characterization of a Northside intersection would have it.

NEW IN BLOGS Suspicion, statistics and editing by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet Is coal or wood worse for the environment? Which fuel produces greater air pollution? Should wood, or any bio-mass, be considered an acceptable fuel? These questions are matters of hot debate in the Twin Cities today, and I wish I could say we have tracked down the answer. I can’t say that, but I can describe the process of turning what looked like an easy answer into a series of unanswered questions.