Inside the Daily Planet, 03/04/11


THEATER | Song of Extinction by Theater Latté Da at the Guthrie Theater: Intelligently designed by Christopher Kehoe, TC Daily Planet • The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning in Theater Latté Da’s Song of Extinction.  But that’s kind of the point.

BOOKS | Books & Bars selection Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold: Strange magic by Courtney Davison, TC Daily Planet • After two weeks spent with Glen David Gold’s 2001 novel Carter Beats the Devil (one of them putting it off, or slowly turning a page or two, then putting the book down in favor of something more exciting), I finished the book at 5:00 p.m. tonight, and then took a nap until 5:45 p.m. During that time, I dreamt of magic. The dreams weren’t necessarily of Carter and the endless list of characters that accompany him during his misadventures; however, it was clear that Gold had charted the course for my afternoon slumber.

STYLE | University of Minnesota fashion design senior spotlight: Jessica St. George by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • If these clothes were in a movie, what would it be named? Clan of the Pants (1976).

Possible sprinkler code prompts hot debate by Kris Berggren , Session Weekly/Session Daily • A standing-room only crowd heard testimony on a bill that would prohibit state building or fire codes from requiring the installation of fire sprinklers in new or existing single-family homes.

Forecast leads to economic anxiety by Nick Busse, Session Weekly/Session Daily • Members of the House Ways and Means Committee expressed concern about the state of the economy during a presentation of the state’s February Economic Forecast.


ARTS ORBIT | Exit, pursued by infamy: The rise and decline of a ShakesBear by Katie Sisneros • He took a sip from his double whiskey. “But I think it’s particularly difficult being the only bear in the complete works of Shakespeare. There’s a special sort of stress that accompanies that kind of fame.” He laughed, a hollow emotionless laugh, and corrected himself. “I mean to say, infamy.”

EVERYDAY PHOTOS | Sisters Camelot by Jennifer Larson • Sisters Camelot, a nonprofit that distributes free organic produce that’s overstocked or getting close to it’s expiration date. They have an old Metro Transit bus, and they drive around to various spots in the city, stop, and hand out groceries.  I went along on the bus a couple of days ago.

WORLD VIEWS | Dressing for winter in Azerbaijan by Peggy Reinhardt • I’ve been following the Mpls-St. Paul Winter weather from the comfort of an internet cafe in Masalli, Azerbaijan – that’s in central Asia. While the snowfall amounts for Minnesota seem above normal, I can say that the 2 snowfalls here of big fluffy flakes also seem not normal. Many mornings I can see snow on the top of the nearby Talysh Mountains but nothing to stick on the ground. That is not to say it doesn’t get cold, because I definitely dress warmer than I ever did in Minneapolis. Before I left for Azerbaijan last Fall, I read that this country is about the size of the state of Maine, yet has 9 different climate zones. I suspect I’m in one of the warmer zones since there have only been a few days with frost on windows. I’m not proficient enough in the Azeri language to ask which climate zone or to say “cold enough for ya?”

EYETEETH | Minnesota man makes two-story ice sculpture with geothermal heating water, computer by Paul Schmelzer • For four winters now, Roger Hanson of Big Lake has been making remarkable sculptures in his yard using a computer-directed sprayer that disperses water from his geo-thermal heating system. This year’s piece (above) is — so far — 65 feet tall and 85 feet wide.

YOU SURE THIS IS HOW RICHIE HAVENS GOT FAMOUS? | Networking, networking, networking by Dwight Hobbes • It’s said in business real estate that three things are key. Location, location, and location. Same with this music racket. Only them three things is networking, networking and networking.