Inside the Dailiy Planet, 8/19/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | August 20 hearing on framework and funding of NRP by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
On Wednesday, Aug. 20, members of the public will have a chance to respond to the proposed “Framework for the Future” report, which addresses the future of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP). The meeting begins at 5 p.m. in City Council chambers, room 317 of City Hall, 350 S. Fifth St.

Mshale recognizes members of the African community by Anna Otieno, Mshale
Winners of the 2008 Mshale Awards

Venues wary as RNC parties fail to materialize by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Independent
More than a handful of venues contracted to host events for the Republican National Convention say they are severely underbooked — and some say they haven’t had any RNC-related events scheduled despite being contractually obligated to keep the week open.

‘If Stone Could Speak’ by Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review
Labor Day weekend will be an appropriate time for the broadcast premiere of “If Stone Could Speak,” a documentary by local labor filmmaker Randy Croce. The film tells the story of Italian stonecutters who immigrated to Vermont in the late 1800s, where they continued to practice their age-old craft, creating art from stone, art that continues to grace public buildings, churches and cemeteries across the U.S.


Young environmentalists look at power and privilege by Ellen Tveit, By the People
Young people take the spotlight in an August 11 Newsweek article about community-based work to improve the environment

You’re Not the Boss of Me Now, and You’re Not So Big by Jeff Fecke, Blog of the Moderate Left
Boy, I really feel bad for this guy:

The Celeb-ration is over by Jay Gabler, Arts Orbit
The Brave New Workshop has been brave for half a century, but there’s a thin line between bravery and folly. Many felt the Workshop crossed that line last summer by titling a show Rise of the Celebretards. A new film chronicling this controversy is premiering this Thursday at the Interact Center.

Stopping by woods on a sunny afternoon by Steve Young, The Fifth Column
It was a beautiful, really beautiful, August afternoon as my wife Hoa and I were driving home from some days at Elbow Lake east of Cook, Minnesota. As we passed Eveleth with its slightly forlorn Ice Hockey Hall of Fame, I remembered the shock of nearly six years ago when I heard of Paul and Sheila Wellstone dying in a plane crash as they were attempting a landing at the Eveleth air strip.

MSP makes NYT by Mary Kay Bailey, Arts Orbit
One of my favorite parts of the Sunday edition of the New York Times is the “36 Hours in _____ city.” Well this Sunday, Minneapolis and St. Paul were the featured city (ies.)