Inside the Daily Planet, 11/15/07


VIEWS AND REVIEWS Memories and Media Myths of Iran & North Korea by Dwight Hobbes, Special to the TC Daily Planet This multimedia, multicultural collaboration of Korean-American and Iranian-American artists explores identity and conveys cultural heritage. The performance includes excerpts from autobiographies by Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi and former North Korean spy Kim Hyun Hee. Opening the studio doors by Karlyn Eckman, Park Bugle St. Anthony Park has become known as a cultural hub for visual arts in the metro area. Several art events take place each year in the neighborhood, including Arts on Raymond, the St. Anthony Park Arts Festival and the Undercroft Gallery’s annual juried show. Dee Dee Bridgewater links Mali to America by Susan Budig, Mshale After the superlative introduction by Minneapolis’s Dakota Jazz Club’s owner, Lowell Pickett, I expected a rich, preeminent performance by Dee Dee Bridgewater, surpassing anything I’d experienced before. Milele: Musicians with a Cause by Helen,Mshale Gospel singing group Milele does more than sing worship praises. They use their international fame as musicians to work on humanitarian projects. Eat, drink and be merry at local theaters this November by Vanessa Moore Ardolino, Uptown Neighborhood News It is the time of year to be thankful, so let’s raise our glass to the theaters in Uptown that let us bring our drinks to our seats! Now that sun is setting earlier, we feel we must cram more of our daily entertainment into a shorter period of time. Show reaches deaf and hearing alike by Amber Kispert, Minnesota Daily Expressed entirely in ASL, Rathskellar has returned after a three-year hiatus. NEW IN BLOGS Guest blog entry from Lisa Sass Zaragoza by Louis Mendoza, A journey across our AmericaLouis has graciously offered/suggested I submit a ‘guest blogspot’ and so while the idea of having my writing and thoughts out on the internet is a bit daunting, here it goes. NEW IN VOICES Jury of Conscience: a viable, valuable alternative to Bush/Cheney impeachment By Richard Lee Dechert, Special to the TC Daily Planet Despite the celebratory claim of at least one pro-impeachment organization, the 11/6/07 House vote that referred Dennis Kucinich’s Cheney impeachment resolution to the Judiciary Committee did not advance the impeachment process.