Inner Strength For The Greater Good


Like cell phone technology, exercise techniques seem to change way too often. Just when you’ve mastered the latest one, another one comes along. Exercise trends come and go. And with every new one comes the promise to “blow your fitness mind.” Well, if you’re looking for something different in fitness and tired of the same old big-box corporate chain gym, something new is now in Uptown. At 28th and Lyndale, above an auto body shop and actually co-located in a functioning art gallery and outdoor deck, (that’s SPF 30) is the location of a new boutique fitness studio called Inner Strength. Located in a true loft space, not the simulated kind promoted by some newer condo developments, the club not only feels different but acts different.

Co-owner Melissa Moreno runs the business with a green pedigree. She says she and her husband, Tre “lead green lives at home and running the business just felt like a natural extension of that.” Moreno says they “buy only organic cleaning supplies and materials whenever possible. The toughest part about running an environmentally conscious fitness studio is the cost–about 30% more than regular products. But the ability to market it to a green-thirsty clientele makes it that much easier. People want to make green purchasing decisions.” Because of that they also offer a discount package for anyone that travels to the studio on foot, bike or public transportation.

The business has a variety of staff but is family-owned. When asked how they managed a fitness studio with three kids of their own. They said it was “like having a fourth kid. It’s busy but it was like our family just got larger.” And that is how they run the studio, like a family. They pride themselves on helping beginners get involved and stay involved. The atmosphere is not competitive or snobby. “We want people to feel welcome and comfortable” says Moreno.

And the class schedule sounds more like an international fitness seminar: Yoga, Yoga for the Athlete, Kundulini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kids Yoga, Spin, Outdoor Bootcamp, Fitcamp, Bridal Bootcamp, Singles Spin, Date Nights or a Fusion Class that combines two classes. Moreno says they strive to set the trends not follow them. She said they’re always looking for innovative ways to make the exercise feel fresh. The staff will even travel to your site for business or social events. Special events include, Yoga, Wine and Cheese, Spin for Charity and an Adventure Race to christen the Grand Opening with the full space of 5500 square feet in January. And coming soon is adventure travel, which will combine healthy food, exercise and exotic locations. More information at

Bruce Cochran is Art Director in charge of production for the Uptown Neighborhood News and lives in CARAG.