Best of Neighborhood News 5/9: Indigenous People’s Task Force to build new center for art, healing in Phillips



Indigenous Peoples Task Force (IPTF) has mainly focused their efforts on HIV care and education, and now they are moving toward including more programming for indigenous arts and healing with The Mikwanedun Audisookon Center for Art and Wellness. The new building would house facilities for health, education, art and traditional healing.

“It begins with who we are,” said Sharon Day, Executive Director of IPTF. “We incorporate who we are as Indigenous people. We come from a people who have a ceremony for everything. We come into the world as gifts and this is how we are to be in the world.”

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Career Pathways program continues to address racial employment disparities

Hennepin County’s Career Pathways program trains and employs folks in Hennepin County, allowing them to take higher paying jobs and providing them with career skills, especially focusing on the hiring of marginalized communities. The county now employs 28 percent people of color, compared with a county demographic of 32 percent people of color, demonstrating an employee base more representative of the population.

“What we’ve done is created … an opportunity for individuals to work here at Hennepin,” said County Administrator David Hough. “1,400 individuals over the last couple years have come through these programs and have been given internships – or jobs.”

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New summer walking tours on Dakota/Bdote history

Starting Memorial Day, the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) will offer walking tours on the history of Bdote; Bdote is Dakota for the place where two waters (Mississippi and Minnesota rivers) come together. The tours will be 30-40 minutes long and are part of a larger initiative of the MNHS and its Native American Initiatives Department to widen the perspective of Minnesota’s land and history.

“What it means in essence is that the historical stage will expand to include more important players,” said Kevin Maijala, director of experience development at the Minnesota Historical Society.

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