An Inconvenient Squirrel


by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low • August 2, 2008 • Much has been made of Joe Scrimshaw’s genre leap this year – from naughty drunken Fringe shows to a kid-friendly fantasy adventure, which is a leap that’s probably much newer to this audience than it is to the writer himself – but what’s striking about this one is how similar the underlying structure is – despite the genre shift, this is a Scrimshaw show, pure and – well, pure, so I guess that that’s the major difference right there. But it’s the same kind of jokes – the same stock characters – the same constant, appalled indignation that drives much of the comedy. And that’s a good thing.

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The script is straightforward enough that there’s not much to add. I do have a few thoughts – it’s surprisingly heavily language- and dialogue-driven, which is emphatically A Good Thing as far as I’m concerned. It gets a bit message-heavy, although it’s never condescending. And the play really is based on a single joke, played out over and over again.

But then, I can’t really complain about the last point – because it never got old, at least for me – I was consistently laughing from beginning to end. The dude’s conquered yet another genre, and built yet another sturdy Fringe hit from unlikely materials.

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