Incompetent or scared?


Now the RNC dust has settled a bit, it’s become crystal clear that our police acted out the police state script they’d been given. There are hours of video and audio from our brave Indy Journalists documenting the outrageous and illegal conduct of those sworn to, “Protect and Serve.” Thanks to their courage and their practice of real journalism instead of stenography. More video surfaced from cameras that had been hidden to prevent loss or destruction.

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Many citizens are justifiably outraged by this desecration of our Constitution and the Nazi like treatment of innocent people. This doesn’t happen in America does it?

We now listen to public officials in both cities patting themselves on the back for superb preparation and enforcement. We are told that the police actions were appropriate and measured. Everything was fine until some bad guys appeared Monday morning and made the cops go crazy. I defy anyone who watches just a bit of the recorded video to call this appropriate action.

There is to be investigation in both cities, however, the investigators are blocked from investigating police brutality cases! The dark stain of this police rampage will be with us for many years. Cover-up is a basic tool of our secret government.

As bad as this legacy is, a more fundamental question arises. We believed we had competent and honest mayors, police chiefs and sheriffs. How can these public servants lie to the world about what happened.

Are these public officials stupid and incompetent? We know that incompetence is one of the key attributes for Bush appointees. I don’t believe they are either stupid or incompetent. Why do these reasonable public figures smile and lie to us? Fear! They don’t dare to stand up for us.

Our federal government has many super-secret combat groups. Assassination, intimidation, government overthrow are some of the many missions charged to these groups. When someone crosses our central power they are neutralized. Much as been written about the usurpation of power and the vicious tactics employed to protect power. We have overthrown democratically elected governments. JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr, RFK, Paul Wellstone, Governor Carnahan, Hale Boggs and many unknowns have been neutralized. The scared are harder to document but candidates include LBJ, J Edgar Hoover, Gerald Ford, Al Gore in 2000.

It is possible that our public officials and/or their families have been threatened and given a script.

I acknowledge that this is conjecture, so let’s look at some of what is known. Early in the planning process, local law enforcement stated that the extensive training was conducted by feds, not clear if it was the RNC, Secret Service, Homeland Security or whoever. The Federal Government gave some $50 million of our money to train them to attack us. This fact plus the incredible arsenal of weapons adds to the dark story. Would that our troops overseas were as well equipped.

How big a step is it to recognize that the actual operation and the aftermath cover-up were orchestrated by these same fine invisible folks?

What to do about it? Amy Goodman exhorts us to “Stand up to the Madness.” Where is the public outrage? The ball is clearly in our court; don’t look to our government to lift a finger. Recognize this atrocity as a call to action to continue our quest for peace and decency.