Impassioned speech dispels myths about tax bill before Minnesota House passage


Republicans have been saying the House Revenue bill will tax every man woman and child. It’s a great slogan, but it’s false according to House Tax Committee Chair Representative Ann Lenczewski (DFL). Minutes before the Minnesota house takes a vote on the bill on Saturday evening, Representative Lenczewski gives an impassioned speech about why the bold tax reform in the bill is needed.

Lenczewski invokes the name of President Reagan pointing out that his tax reform did much the same that this bill does. It cleans away many tax laws that are outdated.

Lenczewski did not shy away from calling this a revenue producing bill. She said it is fairly asking people who are “not down” to chip in and help. That list of people who are not down include those making more than $250,000 a year and those who have a high income with a million dollar mortgage. She also pointed to Minnesota’s tax incidence study that shows the wealthiest Minnesotans pay a smaller proportion of their income in total taxes than the middle class or the poor.

It’s a myth that “cuts don’t hurt people, taxes do” said Lenczewski. She called the bill a document of “principle”.

The bill passed by a slim 68 to 65 margin with DFL Representative Tom Rukavina changing his no vote to a yes vote at the very last second.