Immigration rules may change


President Obama has proposed an immigration rules change for undocumented workers that would remove one of the often-expressed fears of people who apply for “green cards” – namely that they will have to leave the United States in order to make the application and will not be allowed to return for up to ten years.

The proposed rules change will allow undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States while they apply for hardship waivers IF they are married to a U.S. citizen or are the parent of a U.S. citizen. Advocates of the change say it will help keep families together and will remedy a situation that forced people to hide their true status and led them to live in fear.

And those opposed to the change say it simply opens a so-called “back door” for people who are in the country illegally. To help us understand the situation and what it means, Immigration Lawyer Jenny Zanner talked with KFAI’s Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi. [Audio below]