If the Shoe Fits


If the Shoe Fits is an energetic piece of theater for kids, by kids. My 12 year old liked this show a lot. There was a three year old sitting near us having the time of his life. Cute as a button, I think the little guy thought he was in the show.

The story is a loose interpretation of the Cinderella story told through dance. The cast is made up of boys and girls from about kindergarten age through high school students. The pacing was very uneven-there were huge gaps between scenes and the story didn’t always come through clearly. There was a fairy godmother type character who changed her costume a lot and a young man (the prince?) who was expected to play football but wanted to dance. (Fact: We have seen three kids’ Fringe shows featuring boys who don’t want to play football.)

I was really glad to see a dance group step out of the recital format and try something new. The strength of the show is the dancing-especially the tap numbers. There were so many talented young people in this cast. I hope to see what they do in the future.