If eight queers make out at the lake and no one notices, did they still make out?


Eight people kissed under a tree near Lake Calhoun on Saturday in the second volume of an organized activity called “Queers Make Out.” The first makeout session took place on the light rail, according to one member, who asked to remain anonymous.

The kissers, who were mostly women, asked me not to take pictures and wouldn’t be interviewed. As it happened, the action passed largely unnoticed except by those very near the kiss-in. There is so much activity happening near the marina at Lake Calhoun, what with the boats and the ice cream and the Rollerblading, that no one seemed to bat an eyelash that the eight people were locking lips.

“Hey, whatever,” said a bystander named Yuki. “You know, freedom. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it. If you wanna watch…watch.”

For a moment, a crowd of eight year old boys gathered around the group. “Those two are kissing!” cried one of the boys, and then they ran off to go play at the beach.

Another passerby observed: “It’s just another day at the lake.”

Sheila Regan (sheila@tcdailyplanet.net) is a Minneapolis theater artist and freelance writer.

Correction: Contrary to what this article originally stated, neither “Queers Make Out” event was organized by the TC Avengers.

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