I Want a Country Just Like the Country That Worshipped Dear Old Dad


By Jeff Fecke | May 22, 2009 • Former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., has always yearned for a better time, a simpler time, a time when men were men and women shut the hell up and listened to their superiors. But still, it’s always kind of surprising when he comes right out and says it:

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The other thing we have to do is we have to stand up and say, look, America — Conservatives believe in the stewardship of patrimony. In other words, there are things in America that are really good, that work, have worked for 200 years. And we have a guy named Barack Obama who’s trying to fundamentally rewrite everything, change our economy, change our social structure, change our economy to something new.

Yes, “patrimony,” which Merriam-Webster defines as “anything derived from one’s father or ancestors” (But you knew that from the patr- root sitting right there at the start of the word).

That is, of course, exactly what Rick Santorum desires — a return to a patriarchal system, and while we’re at it, a system that pays its due deference to Christianity and caucasians, one that forces gays back in the closet and jams the door shut forever. A world where wisdom, property, and authority is handed from fathers to sons. A world that many women and men of good conscience have fought very hard to eliminate and transcend. A world like that which exists in Saudi Arabia, with only some issues of doctrine interfering in its perfection.

In short, Santorum is a pretty mainstream Republican.

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