I say Old Bean, terrible shame the riff-raff can vote, wot?


By Jeff Fecke • 10/29/08 • Lisa Schiffren at NRO takes time out from exploring the vast Communist-Jewish conspiracy to make Barack Obama our Kommisar to note that it’s terribly, terribly unfair that homeless people are allowed to vote:

Try as I might, I cannot really understand how even a minimum standard of voting security can be maintained when, as an Ohio judge did yesterday, you decide to let the homeless vote. If there is no address — how do you check whether someone has voted before or whether they are using a real name? I get that the judge is attempting to enable fraud on behalf of his campaign — but how does this pass even a minimum test of reasonableness?

Okay, Lisa, let me explain. The homeless have a right to vote. This right is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, which is, in fact, the law of the land. The Founding Fathers thought about whether we should have a property ownership requirement to vote. They rejected it outright.

All U.S. citizens have the inalienable right to cast a ballot — even citizens who, for whatever reason, don’t have a home.

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I realize that the Republican party would be better off if it could purge the poor from its rolls; next, they could go after apartment-dwellers, since we can just up and change addresses at a moment’s notice. Or maybe denizens of trailer parks — who’s to say they won’t just tow their home to Ohio for the election? When the franchise is reserved only for people owning deeded property, preferably worth more than $250,000, then the GOP will be in fine shape. Yes, it flies in the face of the basic liberties the Founding Fathers envisioned, but hey, that hasn’t stopped the Republicans any of the other times they’ve gone after our rights, it won’t stop them now.