I am from Ethiopia


I am from Ethiopia, one of the most beautiful countries in the east part of Africa.
The country with the flag of three colors of green, yellow and red.
Gifted with comfortable climates with thirteen months of sunshine.
The country which is well known for its long, amazing Blue Nile river.
With the high volcanic mountains, and the large Rift Valley giving unique geographical identity.
With the people of diverse cultures, languages, clothing and interesting life styles.

This blog features new Minnesotans who are studying English at Rondo Community Outreach Library in St. Paul. This blog entry was written by Ermias.

I am from the father who always gave advice to people for education
Who liked to give more assignments in addition to the school homework.
Who was serious regarding children discipline and manners.

I am from a mother who loved me so much and did a lot for me
Who can raise her children with love and immense respect
Who liked to cook too much and knows how to do sweet desserts
The mother who enjoyed many social interactions with relatives and neighbours

I am a father now with three children with a big responsibility
Who will raise my children using the great opportunity of education in the USA
Who enjoys spending time playing games with my family

I am the one who respects human beings
With the great self esteem.

My name is Ermias. My home country is Ethiopia. I was born in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. I came to USA in 1998, I came with my wife and two children. Now they are 13 and 12 years old and also I have one more child who is four years old and born here in USA.