Tuesday union rally in St. Paul in solidarity with Wisconsin


Union members will gather Tuesday at the State Capitol building in St. Paul to show support for Wisconsin public sector employees who have been demonstrating to try and save their collective bargaining rights.

The rally, scheduled for 4:00 p.m., will happen inside the Capitol rotunda.

More than 700 people are expected to attend the event, which is organized by the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

“We’re inviting any folks who want to support Wisconsin workers to attend a rally at the Capitol,” AFL-CIO spokesman Chris Shields said.

Shields said demonstrators would also focus on making sure similar legislation isn’t proposed in Minnesota.

Wisconsin Republicans, lead by Gov. Scott Walker, have proposed a bill that would make public workers pay more into their pensions and health care coverage. The bill would also end collective bargaining for many of Wisconsin’s state, county and local employees.

Tens of thousands of Wisconsin workers have protested in Madison since last week. The state’s Senate Democrats even fled to Illinois so the Legislature could not vote to approve the bill.

Shields said union and non-union members will speak at the St. Paul rally.