How’s that working out for you? Franken blames the pollsters, natch…


by Rich Broderick, July 24, 2008 • I took a lot of heat from some readers just prior to the DFL state convention when I suggested that delegates think long and hard about what a weak candidate Al Franken was going to make. At the time I mentioned a poll that showed him running neck and neck with Mike Ciresi, who’d already suspended his campaign, and only a few points ahead of Jack Nelson-Pallmayer. Where was I getting my facts? Franken fans demanded. Al’s going to flatten Coleman, just wait and see!

Well, here we are a little more than three months to go to the general election and results are out on a new MPR poll published July 24. I will be gracious and not say, I told you so.

Then again, maybe not…

“Pollsters also queried voters on Minnesota’s Senate race. The poll shows Republican Norm Coleman with a significant lead over Democrat Al Franken.

Fifty-three percent of those polled say they’re backing Coleman, while 38 percent are backing Franken.

The poll shows Franken is still struggling to convince Democrats to support him, since one in five say they’re voting for Coleman. The Franken campaign questioned the validity of the poll, saying it included a heavier makeup of Republicans.”