How journaling can save your sanity (5 reasons to journal)


Dealing with the day to day pressures of life the job, the bills, the children, and the spouse or significant other just to name a few, one of the ways you can get some mental calmness is to journal below are five reasons to journal

Five Reasons to Journal

Reason One: Journaling is a really good way to calm down. You don’t believe me?  Just try it one day when you are really mad (I know what you are thinking if I am mad the last thing on my mind is journaling) but think about what happens when you get angry I give you a second mum hum

Journaling don’t sound too bad after all huh?

Reason Two: Journaling can save tons of relationships: when you have ill feelings towards someone instead of telling them what is on your mind write it down, don’t hold back, and let it flow. If it is something that another person needs to know you can rewrite and edit the harsh version and give it to them written or tell them face to face remember once words are out you can’t take them back.

Reason Three: Journaling is like cleaning out your mind if your Ideas, dreams, fears, secrets, and insecurities stay in your mind, how would you sort them out, achieve them, conquer them , get rid of them, and get over them you would stay stuck in your life. While it is nice to have someone to talk to you can’t tell everybody everything so write it down and free your mind.

Reason Four: Journaling can track your life and your progress, you can write about where you are at and look at your journal six months later and see what kind of progress you have made.

Reason Five: Journaling Increase your creativity, the more you write the more your brilliance will explode onto the pages and spill over and into the world.