House of Labor at the State Fair


The House of Labor, coordinated by the Minnesota AFL-CIO, is located near the corner of Dan Patch Avenue and Cooper Street. A number of different unions share activities and exhibits. At the House of Labor, fair-goers can:

• Watch Sheet Metal Workers crafting copper roses and bird-houses;

• Kids can earn a presidential dollar coin—and an honorary union card—in the State Fair treasure hunt;

• Send a message to Congress that no one should have to spend more than 5 percent of their income on health care;

• Sign up for the raffle of a handmade bench at the Carpenters booth;

Take the Rock Tenn quiz at the Fair
Among the questions on the quiz are:

1. The St. Paul recycling plant has been serving Minnesota for
a. 12 years; b. 25 years; c. 100 years; d. 150 years

2. Every day, Rock-Tenn’s St. Paul recycling plant recucles ___ of paper.
a. five tons; b. 500 tons; c. 750 tons; d. 1,000 tons.

3. The Rock-Tenn Midway recycling plant employs ___ people:
a. 150; b. 1,000; c. 500

(answers at end of article)

• Get information on joining the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate, Working America;

• Talk with workers at the Rock-Tenn plant who are organizing to save their jobs;

• Watch St. Paul Trades & Labor Assembly members march in the 2 p.m. State Fair Parade on Labor Day.

The House of Labor, built 47 years ago on the fairgrounds, “is dated and increasingly difficult to maintain,” the Minnesota AFL-CIO said. A redesign is planned for next year. In the meantime, volunteer painters, carpenters and roofers have made repairs and given the area a fresh look, the federation said.

Answers to the Rock-Tenn quiz: 1-c; 2-d; 3-c. Take the whole quiz at the House of Labor!