Hot spot for biking


The Minnesota Bike Festival this week will include several bike races, reports MPR:

That means looping races through downtown St. Paul tonight, and another through Uptown on Friday night, as well as a race straight up Chilkoot Hill in Stillwater on Sunday afternoon. The hour-long Stillwater race is one of the toughest in North America.

[According to a race organizer] “The riders have to go up this super steep hill about every three minutes,” LaPorte said. “So, the first time up its 100 riders. The next time up its 80 riders. The next time up its about 60 riders. Only about 30 percent of the professional athletes that start that race will finish the full distance.”

According to the Uptown Neighborhood News, the Nature Valley Grand Prix will bring “300 professional athletes from around the globe,” but goes far beyond professional bikers, including “recreational riders and enthusiasts of all ages that gather for multiple events.”

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