Hot and sweaty…or just plain gross?


by Cyn Collins | 5/21/09

Dear Cyn,

Nothing gets my boyfriend more excited than when I come in from jogging or doing yardwork and I’m all hot and sweaty. Honestly, I just don’t get it. I’m all for a little afternoon delight, but not when I’m feeling smelly and gross! It obviously turns him on, but to me there’s nothing less sexy than being dirty and exhausted. What can I do about this?


Dear Nell,

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You don’t get that boys like hot dirty girls? Where are you from, Venus? Don’t fight the heat…embrace it! You all hot and sweaty are also releasing your pheremones and natural scent and tapping into your boyfriend’s keen animalistic senses. These will likely go down the drain when you shower. Even though you feel smelly and gross, you could try to just put it out of your mind—it’s probably not as bad as you think.

Not feeling sexy, however, does put a damper on your fun. How about a compromise…if it’s jogging, you’re just hot and sweaty. You get to take five to cool off, have a drink and then you’re off to the races. If you’re dirty after gardening, request to take a quick rinse along with him in the shower. You get clean and he gets you while you’re still dirty at least for a couple minutes. About half the time you can compromise and let him play with his dirty girl because that helps keep the relationship vibrant. It isn’t all about you. Being exhausted is tough—his part of the compromise is: if he wants you like that, he can do most or all the work, in these cases, and you can reciprocate on your terms, all clean and not smelling so “natural” and earthy later. Consider this: being clean all the time is overrated. Having a fun spontaneous relationship with sex more often is more important.


Photo by Dakota Duff (Creative Commons)

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