Hosting Fringe artists is fun


A quick mention of the lovely Fringe artists staying at my house. This is my first year hosting wayward artists. Officially, I mean.

An Evening with Alan Jr. and Chastity Gambler presented by A2Z2U at Bryant-Lake Bowl. Alan Metoskie and Zoe Schwartz 
are in town from Chicago, presenting this show after a successful Second City run. They’ve been delightful house guests. I caught their opener tonight and was quite pleased: they’ve put together a trashy little love story that’s a nice balance of raunch and sugar. Singing! Dancing! Bunnies! Their shows are front-loaded early in the festival; don’t lollygag. Next chance Saturday at 8:30.

Wisdom: Part 1 presented by Jimmy Hogg at the U of M Rarig Center Thrust. There are a few visiting artists without whom the Minnesota Fringe just wouldn’t be the adult summer camp I love, and Jimmy Hogg is one of them. I’m a huge fan of Jimmy’s funny, frenetic one-man (of many faces) shows. He’s a great guy and on my list of safe bets. (Safe bets on stage, that is. No idea about, say, a foot race or arm wrestling.) Opens Saturday at 5:30.

ONEymoon (A Honeymoon for One) presented by Dutch Girl Productions at the Southern Theater. Starring Canadian Comedy Award nominee Christel Bartelse,
co-written with Jimmy Hogg. I love the concept of marrying oneself. I’ve told Bob that he doesn’t (really) have to worry about me running off with another guy (even a younger, super hot one, or a vampire)…the real threat to our marriage is my desire to be blissfully alone. Solo. Free. Sounds nice, right? I’m looking forward to Christel’s show; she might be on to something. First chance Saturday at 10 p.m.

I just have to say that I’ve entirely lost my voice. So you didn’t hear this from me: Top secret!! Keep this on the down low: Match Game Minnesota, presented by Nate Melcher at Gremlin Theatre, features a zillion (or twenty) local stage favorites, including Brian Beatty, Rita Boersma, Andy Brynildson, Josh Carson, Jackson Collins, Shanan Custer, Adam Fielitz, Mahmoud Hakima, John Haynes, Julie McArdle, Nate Melcher, Greg Nesbitt, Cher Noble, Stevie Ray, Jim Robinson, Jen Scott, Joshua English Scrimshaw, Levi Weinhagen, Laura Zabel, and Troy Zimmerman. Shhh!! If people know, they might show up! Like Friday at 7, for instance. (Oh, and none of these people are staying with me.)