Hospitalized man remains in coma after post-party fight


A 20-year-old is in an induced coma after a July 16 fight at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house.

About 2:20 a.m. a Minneapolis police officer arrived at the back parking lot of the fraternity at 1717 University Ave. S.E.

Greg Reinhardt, a spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department, said the man, whose name police have not released, was on his back unconscious with his eyes rolled back when police got to the scene.

Mark Patterson, an 18-year-old friend of the victim, said he and some friends went to a party at the fraternity that night. He said that a little after 2 a.m. they were standing outside getting ready to leave when they noticed a group of men they didn’t know standing outside.

One of the strangers punched the victim in the jaw, Patterson said. The victim immediately fell backward, smacked his head on the concrete and got knocked out, he said.

Patterson said blood was coming out of his friend’s mouth and that he had stopped breathing for a few minutes.

“We really didn’t know what to do at first,” Patterson said.

A friend told the security guard at the party to call 911. The victim was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center.

Hospital personnel are keeping the victim in a coma until his brain stops swelling, Patterson said. They have removed parts of his skull to give his brain room.

Patterson said he is worried but hopeful that his friend will recover.

“It was pretty scary,” he said.

Reinhardt said police arrested people at the party, but because of a lack of information and an investigation that is still pending, all suspects were released.

“It’s unusual that someone gets hurt this bad,” Reinhardt said.

Interfraternity Council President Alex Vu said the fraternity is not in any trouble because the chapter took all necessary steps to host a party, including hiring security and making a guest list.

Vu said that if there was a problem, the police would have contacted the council about it, which they have not.

Delta Tau Delta members did not comment for this story.