Hopewell recital on February 8


“It’s fun and you learn a lot being here and we have good teachers.”  This is one of the testimonials of a student at Hopewell Music Cooperative-North (HMCN) regarding her experience in learning at Hopewell Music Cooperative-North.  This is what we at HMCN strive to achieve with our students.  HMCN was founded in April of 2012 as a nonprofit organization to provide music lessons to students of all ages, and economic backgrounds on the Northside.


All of the staff at HMCN are active performers and most have degrees in music.  Whether in teaching music, providing music therapy, music performance, or simply playing an instrument, everyone has a passion for music, and the yearning to bring that passion to others.

In an effort to share their passion for music with others, the staff at HMCN are inviting the community to join them at their second Faculty Recital on Saturday, February 8th starting at 3 p.m.  at United Methodist Church, 4250 Fremont Ave North in Minneapolis.  Performing will be Jaette Carpenter (co-founder), Ellie Fregni (co-founder), Andrea Myers, Brianna Farah, Michael Burton, Tamir Nolley, and Martha Chateleine.