FREE SPEECH ZONE | Homophobia Can’t Be Cured With Cold Medicine


Homophobia is defined as prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality. Because of this fear, it’s often hard for people to come out of the closet and live an honest life. However, Minneapolis is gay-friendly city that does have a gay club scene and a Pride March on June 26. Yet, not all schools are gay friendly, which is crucial because the point of discovery with homosexuality happens around the teen years in high school.

South high school is rumored to have a large gay demographic, therefore it has a Gay and Straight Alliance because students would demand it. Roosevelt however, has a small Gay and Lesbian demographic and as a result little attention is paid to students who are finding a new part of their lives. At the same time, Ms. Pickens who is an out teacher has a passion for gay civil rights; she said, “I’ve tried to get the Gay and Straight Alliance going because no one else can coordinate it.

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The problem with homophobia is that although it’s a form of discrimination, it’s discrimination that most people wouldn’t mind living with it because most people feel the same way. By this, it means some people’s religious see gay people as an abomination to mankind or others feel all gay people will “hit on them.” Which is not true, because homosexuality and religion can coexist along with each other with other religions like Judaism where it’s accepted. As for the stereotype that gay people are not monogamous and will try to hit on whomever them come in contact with is not true because like heterosexuals, homosexuals have standards and respect people’s privacy like everyone else.

Steve Carney, a counselor at Roosevelt for eight years says he does get some visits from students with orientation issues occasionally. So although not a lot of the student body faces these problems, the point trying to be made is that orientation isn’t the only thing that defines us. Homophobia will always be around; it’s human nature to not like what we don’t understand, but there is a bright side. Yes, homophobia cannot be cured, but it can be stopped from spreading. Friends and peers I know from other schools and other communities have come to embrace who they are explain to others they are the same as everyone else. Prejudice judge’s people solely on something they were born with, however things are now changing and it seems that people are accepting that they are now living in the 21st century.

At Roosevelt High School, or any high school there has to be a Gay and Straight alliance. There may be a small gay demographic in the student body now, but those numbers might increase in the future. Roosevelt has many supporters for gay rights and equality. Mrs. Roser, the choir teacher at Roosevelt says she always goes to the “Gay Pride” festival on June 26 and has convinced me to go as well. When it comes down to it, Roosevelt is very gay friendly with all the students who support each other in what they those to do. Which shows things are changing and Roosevelt is the perfect example.