Homesick shmomesick!


As incoming first-year students, we hear all about the transition from high school kid to college adult. Whether it’s the “freshman 15” warning, the roommate from hell horror story, or the real world responsibility speech, we’ve heard it all. However, there’s one thing you may not have heard of, or even thought about: homesickness. I know I didn’t.

We all love our families, but feeling down about being away from them is not what comes to mind when we think “college.” Yet once I got to Mac I couldn’t help but think about my family—everything reminded me of them. I’d even cry listening to Beyonce because it reminded me of me and my mom blasting it in the car and being fierce.

The thing that finally got me out of my funk was realizing that there are hundreds of kids around me going through the same thing. The one thing about Mac is that it’s impossible to feel lonely or sad for too long here. In the two weeks I’ve been here I haven’t gone a day without someone stopping me to just see how I am doing and if I need anything. The atmosphere of the campus and even the neighborhood is so positive and loving that I’ve been able to slowly transition (with the help of my amazing roommate and her friends) from crying and sitting alone in my room to hanging out in other people’s dorm rooms, blasting Beyonce and hitting every note without any tears.

Remember: We are all a little awkward and lame sometimes. We all love and miss our families. We all love Beyonce. But at Mac we should never feel alone. There’s so many people to talk to when you feel down in the dumps (roommates, RAs, the many squirrels on campus, counselors, even me if you see me!) that you can’t stay down for long. And just know that each subsequent week things will get better, and there’s a bunch of people out there waiting to get to know you!