For exactly how long have Minnesota high school boys been publicly making out with their moms?


When Gawker tweeted, “High School’s Incest ‘Prank’ is Year’s Dumbest, Grossest Idea,” before I even clicked on the link I thought of a pep rally at my St. Paul high school—a Catholic high school, no less—in the early 90s.

Strands of shoestring licorice were strung out; one end of each was put in the mouth of a football player, and the other end of each was put in the mouth of a cheerleader. Both parties were then blindfolded and instructed to chew. While the players chewed, the cheerleaders were replaced by the players’ mothers. Though this resulted in tiny pecks that were much less randy than what happened recently at Rosemount High, the stunt has stuck with me ever since. Why would you do that?

Apparently St. Agnes (my alma mater) wasn’t the only Minnesota high school to think this was a good idea, and it took the Internet 20 years to find out about it. Is this one of those regional practices—like stopping in all four directions at an intersection with a two-way stop sign—that we take for granted, but that other states rightly find bizarre and potentially dangerous? How many Minnesota men were tricked as youths into publicly making out with their moms?