Hidden resume line: Record producer


by Paul, 7/9/08 • A couple years ago, I had a few hundred dollars (of someone else’s money) to invest in something worthwhile in Peru, and I was too busy to figure out what to do with it, so I put Cesar in charge.

This blog is written as its authors work on a new research project titled “Women on the Frontlines: Resource Battles, Popular Movements, and Gender Dynamics in Bolivia and Ecuador.” An Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) grant for innovative faculty-student collaboration supports Paul Dosh and Nicole Kligerman in an effort to craft a new model of faculty-student “complementary collaboration.” One way that they share their efforts is through a blog titled “Equal Footing: Collaboration at 13,000 Feet” (equalfooting.blogspot.com). This post is taken from their Equal Footing blog.

Cesar came up with the idea of supporting an Andean band called Pachacamac so they could get into a recording studio, produce an album, and then go on tour. It would cost more than we had, so we solicited donations via email and in no time had the cash. The musicians have since done two tours of the Southern Cone. Last night, they honored us with an in-home concert and it was amazing. Macalester senior Fiorella Ormeño Incio stopped by for the music, Cesar cooked a feast, and the five members of Pachacamac filled the neighborhood with their voices and the sounds of various pipes, charango, acoustic guitar, electric bass, various drums, dried goat ears and other shakers, flutes, and about 50 other instruments (each member sings and plays 10-20 different instruments). It was delightful and I suspect we will help them finance their next album, which they will probably record in 2009.