Here comes the Fair – and Artist-in-Residence Debra Frasier


The Minnesota State Fair is only a couple weeks away – while that suggests an end to the Summer of 2010 it also marks the beginning of endless days of 4-H exhibits, art, technology, people-watching and, oh yes, food.  Every Minnesota kid ought to be in mental and physical training for the experience.  Debra Frasier, this year’s Artist in Residence at the Minnesota State Fair, has provided some sensational tools for kids and families to get in gear. 

For starts, Frasier has published a wonderful new book, Fabulous Fair Alphabet, a whimsical look at the marvels of the Great Minnesota Get Together.  A State Fair regular,  Frasier has captured the wonders of the Fair in photographs on which the delightful illustrations in the Fabulous Fair Alphabet  are based.

Frasier has also designed a Fabulous Fair Alphabet game card.  Game cards are downloadable.  They will also be available at all State Fair Information Booths and through the metro area’s public libraries in advance.  Throughout the Fair.  game participants may stop by the Fabulous Fair booth in Baldwin Park “Alphabet Forest.”  win prize ribbons for the Fabulous Fair Alphabet game and for vocabulary collection.  The goal is that “everyone goes home with more words than they brought!”

A highlight of every day at the Fair is the mid-day Parade.  This year the Fabulous Fair Alphabet Queen will be in the parade, ready to join in singing the ABC song which Frasier commissioned from Minnesota folkies The Lower 48 to accompany her State Fair video.

Finally, the original illustrations for A Fabulous Fair Alphabet can be viewed at the Bailey House.  Visitors are invited to the meet the author/illustrator Debra Frasier and to purchase an autographed copy of her book.  Proceeds will support the Minnesota State Fair Foundation.