Helping the heroes and the hurting


The kids on the school bus need our help. Jeremy Hernández—named a hero by the “little brothers and sisters” he guided to safety—had to drop out of Dunwoody College last year because he didn’t have enough money for tuition. Julia—the youth director at Waite House—is still in the hospital with a broken back and two broken feet and more than 150 stitches in her arm. Many of the younger kids on the bus lack medical insurance.

We can all help. Donations for scholarships and medical care can be made over the phone by calling toll free 888-642-3040 or by mail to the Pillsbury United Communities, Development Office, 1201 37th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55412. Please specify the Waite House Bridge Disaster Fund when mailing in donations. You can also donate through the Pillsbury United Communities web page and can designate that your donation go to Waite House.

If you go to the website, take a look at the descriptions of Waite House and Pillsbury’s other community centers. They are doing everyday, grassroots work in our communities with families and kids who need a helping hand. Monica Segura of Waite House said it well: “Our youth program is like a big family. We are really close with the kids and their parents. We love every single kid.”

The family needs help. Let’s give them a hand.