Helpful hints for making your move under the mistletoe


by Cyn Collins

Dear Cyn,

I’m a guy in my late 20s. I fluctuate between being gregarious and feeling kind of shy. I’m going to several holiday parties this year, and I’m sure at least a few will have the traditional mistletoe hanging over a doorway. There are a few girls I’m interested in checking out, and I think mistletoe would be a great way to break the ice with them—maybe even show them I’m a good kisser. (Or so I’ve heard.) What is good mistletoe etiquette?

Mistletoe Magic Man

Dear MMM,

So you want to kiss under a parasite. Not very romantic sounding, eh? But that’s what you’re doing, as mistletoe lives as a parasite on trees—thus remains evergreen. Etiquette? Pretty much flies out the window when it comes to mistletoe, as people standing under it have the privilege to kiss who they want. Kissing under the mistletoe is a tradition you’ll find in Norse myths and Celtic druid rituals. The druids considered the plant to have mysterious supernatural powers. Conveniently forgotten now though is the part of the tradition where you have to pick a berry from it each time you kiss, until the berries are gone and the kissing is shut down. Mistletoe also goes way back in ancient erotica—it’s long been regarded as an aphrodisiac and fertility herb. I’ve read it may also possess abortifacient qualities, which may contribute to its legendary affiliation with uninhibited sexuality.

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So…down to business. When you’re talking to a girl you’re attracted to, sidle over to the mistletoe and give her the playful ol’ twinkly-eyed, come-hither look and give her a few seconds to react—you should be able to read her body language. If you’re not talking to the girl of your dreams because you’re being shy, some eye contact, smiling, and a touch on the arm goes a long way. Co-worker? It’s probably good to have a good rapport with her first, and do this lightly and playfully so you won’t feel embarassed running into each other at the copier later. It helps if you’ve had a little rum-infused eggnog for liquid courage. Holidays are a great time to find new love, as everyone’s imbibing more and feeling less inhibited. Have fun, and good luck!

Happy holidays,

Published on 12/25/08. Photo courtesy David Lamerie (Creative Commons).