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Only a few days separate Roosevelt High School seniors from their dream day. Yes! When I remember all the barriers I overcame, I can hardly believe that graduation almost here. Senior year is characterized by time constraints and high pressure work. But, as some say, ” nothing is easy, but nothing is impossible.”

Seniors don’t think only about school work, they also have to think about preparing for next step, college. Mr. Waysly, a Health Program counselor at Roosevelt High School; thinks that planning ahead seems to be the biggest challenge seniors face. Finishing homework’s on time, filling applications and scholarships, and visiting campuses are all on a deadline. All these tasks make seniors nervous because they don’t have experience, or because they don’t trust themselves.

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The seniors and the staff at Roosevelt High School agreed unanimously; there is always a solution. Roosevelt’s staff helps the seniors pass the big challenges and avoid the mistakes. ” We meet with the students starting with their junior year, to prepare them for their senior year, and then three times during their senior year” said Mr. Waysly. In addition, the counselors are available throughout the year, as well as other resources like, a College Career Center and Admission Possible. ”Getting help from Admission Possible made the process easier for me,” said Nancy, a senior at Roosevelt. ” They are very supportive.”

The next generation of seniors might wonder, ” What should we do? How can we pass these challenges?” when I asked Ms. Kiedrowski, an English teacher, for an advice, she responded ” Get organized! ” I think that is the most important step, because it gives you the deadlines. You take on one thing at a time in order to not become overwhelmed. ” Don’t miss around, use your staff for advice, be active in your education, and participate in after school club,” Nancy advised.

Upcoming seniors; use your time wisely, and never play with your future. Seniors’ choices not only change their lives, they can improve the country as a whole. I still remember what my uncle said before I attended high school, ” Work hard and never give up, even if the challenges reach the sky.”