Hello Fringe Goers!


Hello Fringe Goers!

To continue the tradition I am blogging again for the Fringe. My blog primarily focuses on teen shows and teen friendly shows. Here are the shows that I am definitely going to be seeing this Fringe. This list isn’t in any specific order. If you have a show that you think will be teen friendly, please feel free to email me, rar890@yahoo.com.

1.     Status Update: by Laurel Schwartz

Personified versions of Facebook, Myspace and Twitter deal with mounting violence on their respective sites. Isaac Muzio is a promising musician and a freshman in college. His life is turned upside down when his roommate, Dan Verma, decides to post a video of Isaac having sex with another man on Facebook without Isaac’s knowledge. This show confronts serious issues presented by social media. It is sure to make you think twice about what you post on the internet.
The story was inspired by Tyler Clementi. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Jed Foundation and the Love Is Louder campaign.

2.     Shijin: The Four Guardians: by The Renais Acting Troupe

Legends speak of four Sacred Guardians, who blessed champions to safe guard the mortal realm. When they vanish and the world falls into chaos, young heroes of might and magic rise to restore balance.

 3.     Red Hamlet: by Red Theater

We take a wrecking ball to the fourth wall replace it with a mirror, blurring the lines between performer and audience, fact and fiction. It’s bold, funny and poetic. It’s Hamlet with a new heart and mind.

 4.     Perchance to Dream: by MN Waldorf School-Class of 2012

Young Will Shakespeare has decided to give up the often difficult life of theatre.  Three witches visit his sleep and enchant him, summoning characters to rise from the depths of his future mind and attempt to convince him to live his destiny. Romeo, Ophelia, Bottom, and others of the Bard’s most beloved characters, using lines he has not yet written, pull out all the stops to re-ignite his passion and faith in his gift, hoping to secure their own future existences. A myriad of his stories “play” out in his dreams, where he witnesses the love, betrayal, death, madness, and hilarity that is quintessential Shakespeare.

 5.     Our Freaking Kids Show: by Mainly Me Productions

Mainly Me Productions presents the story of A struggling theater company in need of a “sure-fire” hit decides to stage a kids’ show, because those ALWAYS work…right? They quickly discover they shouldn’t be allowed in the same room with kids, let alone entertain them. From the writer of 2002 Fringe smash “Video Guy” and Comedy Suitcase’s “Michael Bay’s Super Mario Armageddon,” comes an uproarious romp that’s fun for the whole family, including your actual freaking kids!

 6.     Longing for Qeej: by Pan Asian Arts Alliance and MN Sunshine Dance

Longing for Qeej is a Hmong dance drama, interweaving a series of acrobatic movements and dances to portray the origin of Qeej.

 7.     Grim Walks Tonight: by Rainy Day Cabaret

A collection of dark dance works brought to you by your favorite creepy choreographers, Lindsay Bullock and Joanie Mix. Cruel trickery, unrelenting anxiety and fear: causing us to question our sanity.

 8.     Damn You Auto Caress!: by Young Artist Council of Youth Performance Company

Whether you love technology, texting, your iPhone, humor, Steve Jobs, or taking just a little bit of pleasure in the misfortune of others, Damn You, Auto Caress! will leave you laughing until you cry, and thankful that nothing this embarrassing has happened to you. Yet. The ever-clever, Young Artists Council is back again with an original show based on some of our favorite stories from DamnYouAutoCorrect.com.

 9.     Cinderella’s Fella: by Top Hat Theatre

Cheerful, musical fun surrounds this flip side of the Cinderella story! Princes from miles around gather, a royal ball ensues, the Fairy Godfather offers up some solid advice and Charming finds his perfect girl.

10.  Buckets and Tap Shoes: by 10 Foot 5 Productions

High-energy tap dancers, percussion, live band and fun! From the streets of Minneapolis to stages around the world, B&TS is an audience favorite for all ages!