Headlines: Waiting for a miracle



Working for a miracle
by Mary Thoemke, TC Daily Planet
Losses of jobs and older housing stock have exacted a toll on the Payne Phalen neighborhood on the East Side of St. Paul. Recently vacant storefronts bear signs announcing a store opening, advertising space for rent, or announcing a building for sale. Adjacent to Payne Avenue, once-elegant homes are in deteriorating condition. As in other urban neighborhoods, “Vacant” signs mark the homes that are in foreclosure or condemned for unsafe conditions. Committed residents hope to change these bleak conditions.

Tackling perception
by John Van Hecke, Minnesota 2020
Earlier this winter, Minnesota 2020 commissioned a poll. We asked 800 Minnesotans to prioritize their issue concerns. Health care; jobs/economy, and education came out on top.

St. Paul’s ‘Second Shift’ expands learning opportunities
by Felicia Shultz, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman has education for all ages of youth at the top of his agenda. After just two years in office, Coleman and his staff have implemented a number of educational initiatives, with many more still in the testing phase, to help give a boost to area St. Paul neighborhoods.


Views and Reviews

Art note: Elevating the ephemeral in Minneapolis galleries
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
For the casual appreciator of art, a good gallery show is like a bonbon—small but deliciously rich. The Twin Cities have no shortage of interesting gallery shows, but two exhibits currently on display are particularly worth a pop-in.

Theater note: Servants and masters at the Public Works Yard
by Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet
Welcome to the world of fake smoking and imaginary water, of two-dimensional sets and cartoon characterization. Welcome to Brecht’s Mr. Puntila and His Hired Man Matti as staged by Frank Theatre.

Errol Morris’ “nonfiction horror movie”
by Paul Schmelzer, Minnesota Monitor
Documentarian Errol Morris calls his new film a “nonfiction horror movie.” And from the sounds of it, Standard Operating Procedure doesn’t fail to deliver on gore: A chronicle of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, it focuses on the 270 photos turned over to army investigators and tells its story, as only Morris can, through interviews with guards, contractors and a few military higher-ups.

The natural world of artist Barbara Harman
by Sharon Parker, Minneapolis Observer Quarterly
Barbara Harman’s “Nuthatch Spring,” which graces the cover of the new issue of MOQ, encourages us that this colder-than-usual March really will melt into the colorful warm spring that we all are aching for.


Carleton Artist Lofts: Artist’s resource or developer’s tool?
by Susan Clayton, ARP!
The question was posed one morning on the radio: if the Carleton Lofts—rehabbed space on University Avenue between Hampden and Carleton in St. Paul—offer rent-controlled housing to artists, why not to nurses or teachers?


More economic bad news for Norm Coleman
by Erik Pusey, Cabbages and Kings (reprinted from MN Blue)
The bad news for Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) keeps piling up. Polling indicates he’s neck-and-neck with challenger Al Franken. 13 months ago he had a 20% lead.