Headlines: Owning your own power plant, unhappy RNC protesters, farmland bubble



Owning your own power plant: Trickier than it seems
By Katie Anderson, TC Daily Planet
“Dear Bob, If you want to buy a turbine, you aren’t likely to get any incentives or subsidies unless you’re already rich or unless you’re willing to share an ownership stake with a large investment firm. Sorry.”

RNC protesters aren’t happy with marching orders
by Paul Demko, Minnesota Monitor
The Republican National Convention is creating some strange bedfellows. Earlier this week St. Paul Police Federation president Dave Titus described the planned parade route for protesters on the opening day of the convention as “a recipe for disaster.”

Farm production, land costs: poised to burst the bubble
by Lee Egerstrom, Minnesota 2020
As farmers struggle with wet fields and cooler than normal temperatures this spring in their seasonal struggle to get crops planted, Jim Ruen hears daily reports from clients, friends and relatives that make him fear history is about to be repeated.

Keep the meals rolling
by Charles Hallman, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
North Minneapolis Meals on Wheels (NMMOW) is still rolling along, regularly serving hot meals to their clients. A recent St. Olaf Community Campus open house celebrated the program’s relationships with supporters and other local nonprofits.


Asian Media Access receives Laura Waterman Wittstock award
by Staff, Asian American Press
Asian Media Access’ board has received the Laura Waterman Wittstock Leadership Award from Community Shares of Minnesota at award ceremony April 30th, 2008. The Leadership Award is an annual award set up by human right activist Laura Waterman Wittstock to honor the community groups fighting for fairness and equality in MN.

No controversy found to be controversial
by Thomas Hammell, Session Weekly
Conference committee members worked to keep controversial elements out of the omnibus education policy bill, but those changes were not enough for Gov. Tim Pawlenty. He vetoed the bill May 13, which would have done everything from adding new reporting measures for schools to making hockey the state sport.

New rules would help to prevent worker misclassification in the construction industry
by Michael Kuchta, Workday Minnesota
Minnesota needs rigorous rules if it expects to effectively crack down on fraudulent misclassification of “independent contractors,” union representatives and contractors told a public hearing Monday.


So many reasons to just plain stop
by Tami Mohamed Brown, Minnesota Women’s Press
I’m sitting in my living room, oven timer set to 30 minutes, towel in hand, wearing a stained T-shirt and marking a milestone.


Yearbook treasures
By Rosemary Ruffenach, Rosemary Writes
While May brings thoughts of romance, garden improvements, new fishing gear, or surcease of the primary campaign season to most Minnesotans, for me this year it means the yearbook advising assignment.