Headlines: A new generation of immigrant farmers in Minnesota


Not from Sweden any more: A new generation of immigrant farmers in Minnesota
by Joel Grostephan, TC Daily Planet
On Saturday, two busloads of immigrant farmers from the 3rd Minority and Immigrant Farming Conference arrived at Gardens of Eagan near Faribault. Gardens of Eagan founder, Martin Diffley, shows the group his tractors.

Sang Moon catches emerging E-Hop wave
by Tom LaVenture, Asian American Press
The evolution of Hip Hip is now turning toward E-Hop (Electronic Hop) and Korean American rapper Sang Moon (aka A-Z-atik), says he has caught this wave early as it takes over dance clubs all over the nation. This is all par-for-the-course for a young man whose lot in life has honed his skills to stay one-step ahead.

Abandonment issues: North Minneapolis dealt another blow
by Molly Priesmeyer, Minnesota Monitor
It’s no secret that North Minneapolis has been hit harder by the mortgage meltdown than any place in Minnesota. While no neighborhood is immune to the housing crisis — million-dollar downtown condos are seeing foreclosures, and so are homes in toney Linden Hills — the north side has been unfairly flogged. So how is that part of town looking two years after it started taking a heavy beating? Empty and abandoned.


North High, Senegal students connect
by Nick Malec, Insight News
Sometimes all it takes is a letter to bring people closer together. That was the case when the students at North High School in Minneapolis and Cite Radio School in Senegal became pen pals.

Tom LaVenture reflects on ten years at Asian American Press
by Tom LaVenture and Ted Meinhover, Asian American Press
Tom LaVenture, managing editor of the Asian American Press, stepped down last week to take a reporter position for the International Falls Daily Journal. He leaves a job that he could only describe as a labor of love, and can only say that to move on is necessary for both the AAP and himself. Like any organization, AAP needs new and fresh perspectives and people. He looks forward to its transformation into a more national presence with improved online multimedia presentation of information.

New editor at Asian American Press
by Ted Meinhover, Asian American Press
The Asian American Press has been a part of the Asian American community for over two decades, providing news and analysis and helping to build community in the Twin Cities and the surrounding Metro. The former editor of the AAP, Mr. Tom LaVenture, after six years of dedication and hard work, has decided to move on, and I am honored to pick up the editorial duties of these pages.


Making better budget choices
by John Van Hecke, Minnesota 2020
Governor Pawlenty’s proposed budget shortfall solution pits education investments against affordable healthcare, pushes real budget choices into the next biennium, and, unremarkably, lacks imagination.


Winter soldiers and everyday patriots
by Mary Turck, 3/1/8/08 • “This Marine … watched the commander, who had given us the order to shoot anyone on the street, shoot two old ladies that were walking and carrying vegetables. He said that the commander had told him to shoot the woman, and when he refused, because they were carrying vegetables, the commander shot them.” Winter Soldier testimony of Jason Wayne Lemieux