Headlines: Cyber connection, real people



Cyber connection, real people, real places
by Mark D. Weaver, TC Daily Planet
I’d never been to Wiley Hall on the West Bank of the University, but figured I would either find a campus map or ask a twenty-something for directions. Figuring out how to find “Eric,” the host of the event, presented the more daunting challenge. I’d only seen one-inch square digital pictures on a web page of Eric and the other members, and was told to meet “outside the lecture hall.” The math and biology lecture drew a bigger crowd than I expected, but despite the multitude, I spotted a guy who appeared to be on the look out for people he’d only seen one-inch square pictures of and asked “Are you with MEETin?”

Global women advocates
by Michele St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press
They spent Valentine’s Day together in Sofia, Bulgaria. The women and men came from Serbia’s Autonomous Women’s Center and the Children’s Forum of Latvia; Macedonia’s Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women and the Supreme Court of Hungary, and dozens of other organizations and agencies concerned with domestic violence. They also came from Minnesota: This international conference was sponsored by the Minneapolis-based The Advocates for Human Rights.

Caring for the elderly
by Marco Fernández Landoni, La Prensa de Minnesota
It was over a year ago when we first had the chance to learn about the Payne-Phalen Living at Home/Block Nurse Program and the wonderful work this small group of people is doing for our elder in East St. Paul. Unfortunately, a series of bizarre events –including a car accident- distracted our attention from the program and forced us to postpone this article several times. But everything comes in due time and thanks to those events we had the chance to learn more about not only the services at Payne-Phalen, but about the wonderful people that work there and the hundreds of stories that we all could learn if we spend only one day among its elders.


Bike tunnel to be built under new I-35W bridge
by Anna Ewart, Minnesota Daily
Council members voted to spend $1.2 million on the bike lane.

‘Stone cold art’ at the Soap Factory
by staff, The Bridge
On Saturday, Feb. 23, in honor of Black History Month, the Soap Factory presents Soul on Ice, the largest group exhibition on black culture by Minnesota artists of color.

‘Bipartisan’ think tank attacks Democrats
by Spencer Ackerman, Minnesota Monitor
A neo-conservative but ostensibly bipartisan counterterrorism think tank has lost all its Democratic board members by running an attack ad in Democratic congressional districts through an affiliated enterprise.


An honorable man with guts, a veteran, fights to expose a smear
by Jim Klobuchar, Jim Klobuchar Writes
Sleazy ad targets Minnesota’s Tim Walz.


A retired teacher’s criticism
by Joe Nathan, 2/29/08 • “I am not a Joe Nathan fan.” That’s what an educator wrote last week.